Certified Installers of Solar Photovoltaic and Micro Hydro Renewable Energy Electrical Systems

Renewable Energy options are quickly closing the gap on the cost of electricity. In 2013 BC Hydro began phase 1 of it’s 28% rate hike that will occur over 5 years. Solar (PV) & Micro Hydro technology installations are becoming more and more common.

Power Up Electrical is a certified and authorized installer of Solar (PV) and Micro Hydro systems in BC.

Find out if your home is an ideal candidate for a renewable energy system with a site assessment by Power Up Electrical.

• Efficiency Assessments
• Off Grid
• Grid Connected
• Turn-key Systems
• Equipment & Installation
• System Maintenance

Solar Photovoltaic

With a Solar Assessment from Power Up Electrical you can make an informed decision on how to proceed with your solar project.

Our test equipment, usage analysis and a current equipment and installation cost breakdown will give you an accurate estimate of the

investment required and the kind of efficiency you can expect.

Our knowledgeable experts would be glad to walk you through the installation process and answer any questions you may have. Contact us to book your Solar Assessment today.

Micro Hydro

If you have year round water flow through your property, you're likely a prime candidate for Micro Hydro.

Micro Hydro relies on water flow over an elevation drop and the spinning of a small turbine to create electricity.

The rate of flow, elevation drop and size of the turbine

will determine the expected amount of electricity a system will generate. With constant flow, a micro hydro system will generally operate more efficiently than a solar capture energy system.

Power Up Electrical is an authorized installer of Micro Hydro systems certified by the NABCEP.

Contact us today for a full Micro Hydro site assessment.